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Factory Automation

Sales and customer support of Mitsubishi FA (Factory-Automation) products (PLC, Variable-Frequency Drives, Graphic operation terminal and Servo motor)-We are developing FA-related business including arrangement of FA training school, proposal for solutions and replacement to meet customers needs for factory automation. Also, Sales of FA -related products such as TMEIC’s High Voltage Drive Unit.

Modular PLCs

High functionality, high performance, high capacity and compact size - the CPU featuring such excellent characteristics and the bundle of specialized units supporting wide range of needs in networking or others. The building-block type MELSEC series enables you to customize the system just as you need.

HMI Human-Machine Interfaces

The Graphic operation terminal series features clear vision, excellent processing performance, and wide variations of lineup. They are still being improved to achieve the satisfactions of designers, setup operators, and maintenance operators.

Variable-Frequency Drives

Wide range of lineup from compact and low-capacity type to large capacity type. The inverters are the variable voltage and frequency power units designed to flexibly select the rotation speed of the three-phase induction motor. They ensure the optimum selections and the highest level of driving performance for various applications.

AC Servo Motor

The general-purpose AC servo system is the combination of servo amplifier and servo motor designed to help different kinds of operations including machine positioning, and speed and torque controlling. It has a remarkable feature that realizes a quick and highly-accurate motion by checking and feeding back its own operation status to avoid a time lag from the command input.

High Voltage Drive Unit

We offer highly efficient and reliable AC drive equipment from 1KVA to over 50MVA for various industrial applications.

Power Distribution and Control Products

We're offering power distribution products and motors which are essential for electric power infrastructure for Thailand industrial development which continues to grow. With building of our sales network in Thailand would help to response customer needs.

Power Distribution and Control Products

As essential elements of electric power transmission, protection, control and measurement, the Power Distribution and Control products handled by Setsuyo Astec includes a lineup of numerous products across the rage from low to high voltage. The company boasts creditable achievements built up over many years in this area. Moreover, we supply equipment compatible with the growing intelligence of industrial technology and promise a higher degree of amenity and safety.

MEATH Induction Motor and Pump

We’re offering the Mitsubishi Electric motor which made in Thailand to neighboring countries of ASEAN. With high quality products and long experience in manufacturing of Mitsubishi Electric will be propelled us to industrial basement.

Nissin Electric Bus Duct

We’re offering the Nissin Electric bus duct which made in Thailand to neighboring countries of ASEAN. We also have cooperation with Japanese engineers that we could serve customers in Japanese language.

Semiconductors & Electronic Devices

With an advanced technology and rich lineups Mitsubishi semiconductors meet the needs evolving with the times. Setsuyo Astec provides optimum system solution in various areas while developing unique and attractive products. Setsuyo Astec makes a commitment to satisfy your integrated requirements covering from system development to the delivery support.

Mitsubishi Power Module

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Growing awareness of global warming, for saving energy we widely utilize inverter in the fields from home appliances to industrial equipment. We propose to supply "a kit solution", which is mainly consisted of Mitsubishi power module including peripheral passive and active components.


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Using our knowledge in machine production, the Fast Recovery Diode ideal for high-frequency inverter technology and the Schottky Barrier Diode designed for low loss, was brought to the market. Our unique experience in machine design and semiconductor development, we can bring our customers products that are a cut above the rest.

Hitachi Capacitors

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Hitachi AIC capacitors are absolutely vital for the high technology industry. We have been among the first to realize high performance, light, and compact products to meet various needs.


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An industry leader with a strong track record in industrial, vehicle-mounted and measurement applications, Kohshin has a product lineup meeting a wide range of user needs.

Citizen Electronics

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LED-lighting use has been rapidly spreading as environment-friendly lighting in recent years, because of its features such as low power consumption and long life. Citize Electronics meets our customers' needs by utilizing our original packaging technology and providing various products characterized by high power, high efficiency, and high color rendering

Industrial Products & Materials

We have been focusing on supplying parts and materials from Japan to Japanese production bases abroad. Now we are getting more opportunities to propose a new source of supply, collecting the information by using our base network in Asia, for local and overseas procurement flows are accelerating. We would like to continue our active participation by using the power of information sharing and communication between our bases.

Material procurement/International logistics

We offer the most suitable procurement of following parts and materials, and access overseas production bases by using our unique network spread across Asia.

  • Materials
  • Electric parts/Equipment
  • Electronic devices
  • Electric cables/Heaters
  • Metal products
  • Chemical products/Hazardous products
  • Inspection equipment/Instruments
  • Others


Deal various materials, such as Resin, Plastic products, Metalized film for Capacitor, Glass Fabrics, Rubber products, etc. for miscellaneous application, such as home appliance and industrial use.

Metal products

Deal various metal products, such as Steel precuts, Aluminum, Stainless, Copper, etc. for miscellaneous application, such as home appliance and industrial use.

Electric parts/ Equipment

Deals various parts and equipment, such as Lighting units, Connector, Switch, Relay, Tools, etc. for miscellaneous application, such as home appliance and industrial use.