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Terms of Use for Setsuyo Astec Corporation’s Website

This website is managed and operated by Setsuyo Astec Corporation (hereafter, the “Company”).
By using this website, you agree to be bound by these terms of use.


The Company shall bear no responsibility for any of the undermentioned types of direct or indirect damage that may occur in connection with this website.

The Company shall bear no responsibility for any damage that occurs from using this website, or any damage that occurs from using a website accessed from a link on this website, or any damage that occurs from the server stopping without warning or from information being changed or its presentation stopping or being interrupted.

About the Posted Information

The Company pays the utmost attention to the information that it posts on this website, but does not guarantee that all posted information is accurate, or that it is safe and doesn’t contain any computer viruses or other harmful elements, or that it is useful and has applicability and functionality regarding certain purposes, or that it is always up to date.

Copyrights, etc.

This website and the information on it are protected by copyrights, trademark rights and other intellectual property rights owned or managed by the Company. You may use the information only for personal purposes of your own. To use (including copy, transmit, distribute, transfer, adapt, etc.) information for any purpose beyond personal use, it is necessary to obtain the company’s express consent in advance.


When using this website, you may not do any of the following.

Infringe, or do something that might infringe, a copyright or other intellectual property right of another user, a third party or the Company.
Slander, malign or threaten another user, a third party or the Company.
Commit an act that causes or might cause some disadvantage or damage to another user, a third party or the Company.
Commit an act that harms or might harm the credibility or reputation of the Company or this website.
Use the website for business or some other profit-making purpose.
Do or say something indecent or profane or commit some other act that disturbs public order and morals.
Use or provide a computer virus or some other harmful program, or do something that might lead to such an act.
Commit an act that violates or might violate a law or ordinance (including an export-related law or ordinance).
In addition, you may not do anything that violates these terms of use or anything that interferes or might interfere with the business of the Company or of a third party.

Compensation for Damage

If you violate these terms of use and cause damage to another user, a third party of the Company, you will be responsible for providing compensation for all of the damage. The Company shall bear no responsibility for the damage under any circumstances.

About the Links

A requirement for placing a link to this website is that the Company’s explicit permission be obtained in advance.
When using a linked website, please obey that website’s terms of use.
Should the Company request that a link be deleted, it must be deleted immediately.

Information Provided by the Customer

Except for the confidential or proprietary information which the Company requests from a customer (including the customer’s ideas about the customer’s technology, sales, products, etc.), the Company will not accept any information offered by the customer.
The Company shall bear no responsibility to maintain the confidentiality of information provided to it by customer under circumstances where the Company has not expressly stated that it bears an obligation to maintain the confidentiality of the information. Moreover, the Company shall bear no obligation regarding the use or evaluation of such information.

Governing Law and Competent Court

This website and the interpretation and application of these terms of use shall be governed by the law of Japan.
The Osaka District Court shall be the court with exclusive jurisdiction over any dispute related to this website.

Revision of Terms of Use

The Company may revise these terms of use without prior notice. In such a case, the post-revision terms of use shall apply.