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Factory Automation

Factory Automation Division is mainly handling Mitsubishi Electric FA components such as PLC, GOT, INV, SERVO. We also provide the OPTEX FA sensor, COGNEX machine vision system, barcode reader, ANYWIRE pokayoke system, sho-haisen system. We combine this compoenents and suggest and provides the customer's needs . Not only the components resales but we also provides the engineering support and the system architecture in Japanese, English and/or in Indonesian.

Mitsubishi FA components

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Provides "Factory Automation" components and the solutions which will help to increase the production efficiency and the cost down.


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Provide Barcode Reader & Vision Sensor which can collaborate with Mitsubishi FA components.


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Provide photoelectric sensor and the displacement sensor. OPTEX FA is a market leading maker with the "High quality but low cost and helps the process improvement in your factory.


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ANYWIRE is a specialist maker for a wire saving. When considering the "Pokayoke System", "Visualizaition of factory", "Preventing maintenance", please use the ANYWIRE products.


Befor & After Services, such as provide training to the customers, trouble shooting, repair, make a system integration, replacement of the discontinued products. We can support in Japanesse, English and also in Indonesian.

Industrial Facility Products

High Speed Shutter

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Rollway High Speed Sheet Shutter by a simple and unique method, offering such efficient operation. Fast open and close in 0.8 meter per 1 second continuously, Running smoothly, Prevent dust , insect or bird, Control temperature loss efficitienly, Increase energy saving, Improve workplace, environment, Easy maintenance, Size and design is customized by customer’s requirement, Made of high quality material, A unique roll-up system and patent, Suitable for internal and external use, Manual open-close at power shutdown, Made to order for exact size and custom , from small size up to very large size. By Rollway structure, sheet is not accommodated in top frame but hung in air. Rollway uses components internally tested for life of more than one million times operation.